Aloe Vesta Bathing Cloths, Pack of 8

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Product Overview

Aloe Vesta® Bathing Cloths
Part of the ConvaTec Appropriate Bathing program and the preferred choice for patients with bathing challenges resulting from physical, mental or skin health complications where other modes of bathing may be inappropriate or prohibitive.

Complete no-rinse
bathing system Cleanses and moisturizes skin
Eight individual pre-moistened cloths clean essential body parts
Rinse-free cleanser removes debris without irritating skin
Saves nursing time
Eliminates need for basins and water
Suitable for incontinence cleanup

Natural botanical
oils moisturize and
condition skin Leaves skin feeling smooth and soft with no sticky residue
Compatible with normal pH of skin
Fresh scent pleasant to both patient and caregiver

Superiority of
Aloe Vesta
Bathing Cloths Contains dimethicone
Thick, soft, premium grade bathing cloths
Improved, illustrated bathing instructions
Consumer-friendly packaging


(No reviews yet) Write a Review