Abena Abri-Flex disposable protective underwear

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Product Overview

Abena Abri-Flex protective underwear are perhaps the finest pullups available anywhere. Made on new state-of the art equpment at Abena's factory in Denmark, these pullups offer superior absorbency, comfort and leakge protection. The cloth-like outer covering is not only breathable but also incredibly soft to the touch.

Other advanced features include:

Extraordinarily high number of elastic threads, for a superior fit.
Super soft and breathable textile-like exterior, for ultimate comfort.
Color-coded printing, for easy identification.
Discreet wetness indicator.

Unique elastication in the crotch area to help prevent gaps and leaks.

Small, 20"-30" waist, Case of 84

Medium, 30"-42" waist, Case of 84

Large, 40"-55" waist, Case of 84


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review