Tena Bladder Control Pads

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Product Overview

Tena Pads
The Tena Pad has the patented Security Oval, which forms a unique bowl shape that can easily absorb the heaviest voids. It hugs the body, creating a gentle, comfortable seal. These pads work perfectly with Tena washable pants.

1. Soft elastic gently shapes the Security Oval into a bowl shape that naturally collects wetness and transfers it to the absorbent layers below.

2. Yellow upper core takes in large volumes of fluid fast, without leakage. Special springy fibers handle repeat voids.

3. The pad's rounded shape conforms to the body's own contours for a more comfortable, discreet fit.

4. The Security Oval hugs the body, creating a comfortable seal for greater protection. Pads are kept securely in place when used with the Tena pant or regular underwear.

5. Lower core contains super-absorbent polymer that locks fluid into a gel for maximum protection.

Pads come in three protection levels, plus a Day Light pad for light incontinence.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review