Bambino Quadro Booster Pads

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The Quadro Booster Pad can be extremely helpful for those sleeping on their sides or tend to leak out from the back of their diapers while sleeping on there backs. The special adhesive strip will allow the wearer to place the pad wherever they need extra absorbency without the discomfort of a larger bulkier pad. This booster will help many side sleepers stay dry through the night. •Beautiful Baby Scent to keep you Smelling Fresh! •Soft Outer Non-Woven for a Comfortable Feel! Only Bambino Diapers can bring you this advanced Scented Booster Pad with a scent of Baby Powder added into each pad. Our Bambino Booster pads have a light scent that keeps you smelling fresh and clean! No other company in the world offers this technology in a scented booster with capacity to swell even under pressure and the ability to resist bunching or tearing apart while totally saturated. The Bambino Scented Booster Pads turns urine into a gel material that inhibits the urine from flowing under pressure while helping to reduce the odor caused by the proteus bacteria as well as protecting your shin. ,br> 6"x18", 4 bags of 30, 120 total

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review