Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pads


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Product Overview

Topliner Booster pads:

These pads are designed to provide extra capacity to other incontinence products.  The flow-through top and back sheet allows the pad to fill to capacity and then pass fluids to the host garment (disposable brief or pull-on).  TheTopLiner Booster Pad is easy to change and extends the use of the host garment providing a convenient and economical way to save on product usage.  The elimination of leakage, rashes and odor improves comfort and quality of life.  Latex-free.


IN-2072 Mini Booster 10.5" x 2.75", 5.7 oz. capacity

IN-2070 Booster 14" x 4", 10.9 oz. capacity

IN-2060 Super Booster 15" x 4.25", 14.2 oz. capacity


(No reviews yet) Write a Review