Tranquility XL+ Bariatric Briefs

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Product Overview

First to provide this new measure of care!  These unique briefs enhance self-esteem while providing for greater mobility.  Breathable and stretchy soft side panels comfortably fit.  This brief is designed to fit a 64" to 90" waist.  Peach Mat Construction absorbent core protects sensitive skin and controls odor.  The Kufguards leg cuffs provide leakage/bowel containment.  These briefs contain dual wetness indicators.  The refastenable tape tabs allow for multiple openings of the brief.  Latex-free.
Item #DescriptionSizingCapacityPackaging
2190 XL + Brief 64" to 90" waist 34.0oz 4 bags of 8


(No reviews yet) Write a Review